Frequently Asked Questions

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The IDA was established under New York State law to promote, develop, and assist in acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, equipping and furnishing of qualified projects and facilities, thereby increasing the job base of the Town.

A project may qualify for tax-exempt financing, taxable bonds or a straight lease transaction. If also may qualify for sales tax exemption, mortgage recording tax exemption and/or real estate tax abatement.

A transaction may be as small as $800,000 to practically qualify under our “Special Straight Lease Program.”

This transaction is one in which standard documents are utilized thereby substantially reducing legal fees. There is a cap of $1.5 million on this type of program.

Tax-exempt bond financing is available to manufacturing companies seeking to acquire, construct, renovate or equip facilities within the Town of Hempstead. State and federal rules determine which projects are eligible for this IDA assistance.

Tax-exempt bonds enable borrowers to finance improvements to their businesses at lower costs, including reduced interest rates, longer financing terms and lower equity requirements. The Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency also issues taxable bonds for commercial projects that do not qualify for tax-exempt bonds.

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