Welcome to Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency

The Industrial Development Agency is a non-profit public benefit agency with the power to help qualified businesses relocate, expand, and build in the Town of Hempstead. You’re invited to learn more about how the IDA can help with financial assistance, tax relief, and contacts.

We have the power to help your business grow.

The Town of Hempstead IDA is a non-profit, public benefit agency with special powers of authority by the state of New York to promote economic development and jobs by helping businesses grow with financial assistance and tax relief.


IDA programs reflect the business-friendly policies of the Town of Hempstead and the enthusiastic involvement of leaders in government, business, finance, education and other institutions.


Our initiatives help you to cut financing costs, taxes and red tape. Using financing incentives and tax abatements, we can assist eligible companies cut the cost of acquiring, equipping, and constructing industrial, commercial, manufacturing and civic projects. The IDA can also provide contacts within the Town to help you with resources in government and the business community.


So far, IDA assistance has resulted in more than $2 billion in project financing, leading to the creation or retention of thousands of jobs.

Town Of Hempstead IDA Board Members

Business is a team effort in the Town of Hempstead, where government officials as well as leaders in business, finance, education and civic institutions are on your side. Members of the IDA board of directors are professionals committed to helping businesses grow and prosper in our town.

Fred Parola, Executive Director/CEO